ACU Archery Under New Ownership

Glenn Butcher and his wife (to the left) sign over ACU Archery to its new owners Eric Griggs and his wife Karla Griggs (on the right).

CLAY CITY- Ky. – ACU Archery, the only company in the archery industry to develop a device to prevent dry fires, is under new ownership. 

Former owner Glenn Butcher, with his son, Josh Butcher, were the first to create the ACU Lok. This lock can attach to either a bow’s strings or cam to prevent dry fires and add security to a resting bow. The ACU Lok comes in two versions, the ACU Lok, which is made of a molded ABS, and the ACU Lok Elite, which is constructed from aluminum. 

The ACU Lok has been a device that both shop owners and retail customers can use. Archery shops have been able to use the device to add security to their equipment while customers are shopping. In addition, it adds a theft deterrent quality to bows on the floor for show.

Retail customers have enjoyed using the ACU Lok for safety out in the field, air travel protection through TSA, the ability to childproof bows, and to have this device in states that require bows to be secured when not in use. 

“The Butcher family is honored and thankful to have served our customers and the archery industry by providing them with an innovative way to protect their investments. It’s been an amazing journey that started back in 2009 with a concept that ended up, 13 years later, in over 600 retailers, more than 10 countries and in all the top distributors. We are extremely pleased knowing that the Griggs family will scale this business to the next level, and we wish them the best of luck in their pursuit.” – Josh Butcher

The new owners, Karla and Eric Griggs, are excited about this venture as they come into the ownership with previous professional knowledge and talent. 

“ACU Archery has been a popular company amongst retail customers and dealers in the archery industry. We are excited to have this product along with the brand to bring it to new levels!”- Eric Griggs

With the new ownership, many new and exciting elements are to come to ACU Archery! Make sure to keep an eye out for the new changes and additions, but until then, check out ACU Archery at

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Here at ACU Archery we are committed to providing you with quality tools to make archery that much easier and safer. From shops being able to use our Loks to secure their bows, to storing your own at home, we can provide you with the peace of mind that your bow will be protected. For more information call: (606)- 947-8111 or visit us online at

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